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Tuesday, May 5, 2009

this post will be a repeat for those of you on facebook

AND I deactivated the facebook account too, so... yeah... lol

I know I haven't posted in a while. A LOT has been going on. My mother was in town for a week, and then Haley and I went out of town for another week to East TN to visit her aunt Donna in Niota. Since we got back, Ive worked alot to make up for the time I missed. I'm still working on getting into school, and Ive been sick as well. I wont go into it, but I'm basically gonna have to have two teeth cut out, and its going to suck. lol

I wanted to come on and share some of the pictures from the trip!

Somewhere outside Niota.Center of Niota
This is Max.
And Dixie
And Molly.They are all great dogs. We played ALOT. lol Molly is a little firecracker.

Here we are driving to the Cherokee National Park. It was a BEAUTIFUL day.
We stopped in Joyce Kilmer to see the big trees. 400+ years old.
Someone told me recently when they saw this picture that only me and Haley find stuff like this.They arent redwoods, but for this area its pretty impressive.If you look close, you can see the trees are fighting very slowly over a rock.Cool abstract rock.Look! a little hobbit house!Another neat rock face. I take pictures of the silliest things.These pics are random images taken while 5K feet up on the mountains in Cherokee.
This was by the Tennessee Chees Farm we went to. MAN they had some good cheese!On the road home.

I also have a short video of our trip. Short because my cam will only film for about 20 seconds.

It really was a blast. We tried to mainly just RELAX. And not think about the troubles of our worlds. And it was awsome to really get some time with Haley. I had been missing her alot since we started working so much. I really was starting to get jealous of Jason getting more time than me!!! lol Anyways, Im off to bed. I have phone calls to make in the morning, and I gotta work a short shift.

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