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Monday, May 25, 2009


My song for this morning.

Well my boss called and gave me the day off, AGAIN. Not that I really am angry about it, but money is tight as usual, and our business has been slow at work. SO, what am I going to do with my day? CLEAN MY NEW BATH TUB!!! And take the longest, hottest shower in history. Well at least until our pathetic 40 gallon water heater gives out lol. Im SO HAPPY to have our own shower back!!! Sharing a tub with 4 other people isnt fun at all. Especially when they dont clean up after themselves.

We have done SO MUCH work to the back yard. Heres some pics and vids of Aaron up on the roof getting everything off the top of theback porch.

It already looks SO much better out there.

And Yaya had a blast in the back yard. Im sure she will love it once its fenced in.

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