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Sunday, June 1, 2008


Im beginning to really get upset about the bullshit network problems Ive been having. I dont have time to deal with it, and I cant figure it out even if I had time to. Im not explaining it all again, so basically Im having intermitten browsing issues that are also keeping me from posting to my livejournal. And since this blog thingie wont let me post private posts, so I can rant about the crap I need to vent, without hurting someones feelings or something. AND IT IRRITATES ME THAT I CAN NO LONGER TALK TO MYSELF. lol I like keeping track of my thoughts, it helps me to center things a little. I just dont want EVERYONE to know what Im thinking.

Ive been trying to get the pictures off my camera but to do it with the USB it needs power, and I dont have any batteries yet. lol Irritates me cause the ones on there are of the BBQ at my aunts. My mother was in town, all the kids were there swimming with us, and I took Aaron with me that day. Theres some good pics on there. Ill have to convice Aaron to bring his pc over, he has one of those card readers on his machine, the lucky punk.

Since the phones is getting cut back on tomorrow, Im gonna be back out tuesday thru friday trying to reapply at some places. God knows who called while it was out. Itll be good to get out in the sun again, even tho its so damned hot I think sometimes Im just going to end up shaving my head lol. Its LONG now. Like past my waist, almost past my bottom. lol I need to dye and cut it again, Im all brindle like Yaya now.

So I was surfing this morning, drinking my coffee, I ran across this. And laughed until I almost (ALMOST!) fell out of the chair. Just watch it all the way to the end, its totally worth it. And did a little more browsing around and found this. And had to go upstairs and paint for a while. Id show you but its still wet, and like I said, no batteries.

Ok so Im going to vege out and watch some tv. After I finish listening to this. lol ;)

<3 Jen

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