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Friday, May 30, 2008


Well, Im 29 today. Too bad the F***ing phone is out or I might actually get some birthday wishes. Thomas didnt pay the bill, so they cut it off. He has everyone's money for it, he just didnt pay it. I called to tell him, and he said hed go pay it today, but its still off at the moment.

Im just gonna sorta take it easy today. I had plans to go to Munford, to get my transcripts sent to Southwest, but to hell with it, Ill do it Monday. I realized what today was (I forgot! lol) and decided to go to the park with Yaya. Well just as soon as Aaron calls me. I dont want to be alone today.

Yeah I guess I forgot to mention that in my first post. Im going back to school. I think Ive wasted enuf of my life doing what Im doing. If for nothing else but being able to have more money. I hate the idea to be honest, for many reasons Im not gonna list right now. But bad timing or not, Im going to try. Im gonna work full time while I do this, so you think Im unavailable now? Just wait. I have to go in and talk to an advisor on Monday, to really figure out the direction Im gonna go in.

I did already get some nice things for my birthday. My mother took me shopping while she was in town, and I got a few new clothes. Id post pics, but my camera's batteries died, and Im broke lol. So If anyone needs ideas on what to get me for my birthday, a rechargable battery set would be AWSOME. lol Mom even took me and got a battery for my car. It had died on me a few times this week, and I really needed a new one. My little white Accord purrs like a kitten now.

Physically I feel good today, the pain in my neck is subsided and I dont feel quite so run down. I also forgot to mention in my first posts that I had a hospital visit recently. About two weeks ago, I got a tick bite on the back of my head. 24 hours later, I had sharp pain on the back of my head, slightly lower than the bite, right up against the neck. It was slight at first, but over a few days became really painful, and I couldnt sleep or move my neck. Just holding up my head made my shoulders and neck so stiff I was extremely uncomfortable. When I got to the unbearable point, I let Paul and Jeremy and Aaron talk me into the hospital visit. They did a CT scan and found nothing. They took blood, and got nothing. They gave me two weeks of Doxycycline (Vibramycin) for what they said could be an infection under the skin in my neck, due to possible LYME DISEASE! I was very upset, lyme disease can take MONTHS to find in the blood stream, and I knew this situation was going to put me into fast medical debt. I cant pay these bills right now, but I dont have much of a choice in the matter. Since I started the meds, Ive felt like I got hit by a MAC truck. But today I feel much better, thank God.

Im gonna go eat something, Im famished.

<3 Jen

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