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Sunday, May 25, 2008

Beginning again

HI there

My name is Jenny.
Im an absolute emotional train wreck.
And now I have invaded Blogger.com.
Deal with it.

I need a place I can vent.
Ive had my fill of my livejournal,
and my damn pc not letting me post there.
Ive got some sort of Java bug
that I cant seem to friggen work out.

Hopefully this will work
and I can get all this stuff
out of my head,
and onto something concrete.

I saved all this for my next livejournal post,
but its gonna end up here lol

I was messing around on FARK
And found this cool story.
I'm just amazed everyday at the things
I find on that website.
We live in such a cool place,
and noone sees these stories.
It really is a shame.

And then I had a good laugh at this
I know they're jumping on the trendy bandwagon,
but I did laugh at it just a little.

Well, since Ive had a look at this website a little
Im not sure this will be a permenant thing...
I dont like how you cant make friends only or private posts;
that everything is public.
but who knows...
I guess if I cant get livejournal to work for my browsers
then I wont have a choice will I?

My mother is in town this week,
We went shopping for my birthday,
got all kinds of girly summer clothes.
Gotta go back out there sometimes this week.
Shes here till the 29th,
the day before my b-day.
she couldnt get more time off to stay,
but thats ok, it will still be awsome to get a week with her.

Sleep is calling me.


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