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If and when I post images of my handmade jewelry here, just know that these are crappy webcam pics of them. Sharper and prettier images of the products will be posted to the River Rock Jewelry site later, when the item is ready for sale!

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Friday, August 7, 2009

Im exhausted, and not far out of bed, but I wanted to pull these off the cam and share.

This is at the front desk at National College.

One of the computer labs.

This is the poster board I did for the final project/paper in Med 100.
It was on Rosacea.

And this is the one I did for my Oral Communications class.
It was on "Some Common and not so Common
Easy to Care for House Plants"
long title, huh?

I haven't given my Powerpoint presentation
for my Body Systems class yet.
Term finals are next week too,
so if I don't answer right away cut me some slack!
but there is only a week between this and next term.
busy busy Jenny...

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