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Friday, August 28, 2009

I would never vote for him, but...

We watched the Memphis Mayoral Debate last night, and honestly my curiosity got the better of me when considering Prince Mongo. My first knowledge and/or contact with him, was when Haley and I were teens - just juniors in high school. We went to one of his clubs, The Castle, and he was there greeting people at the door with cosmic love and hugs. Haley told me that Mongo used to babysit her father as a child, and that the older generations of their families knew each other well. Haley's brother was with us, and he made the introductions. Spirit Dylan, and Spirit Haley, and Spirit Jenny - that's what Mongo called us. He gave many hugs and talked about how warm and happy he was to see us, and then off he went to get us all alcoholic drinks.

Prince Mongo has been a long standing insult to people who take Memphis politics seriously. The local news channels had many comments from people last night after the debate, but the one that stuck with me was Wendy Thomas, who said that Mongo "was a joke" and that it was hard to keep from laughing at him while asking him questions. I can understand that, he can be a ridiculous person who's ideas are far reaching to someone who lives in the middle of the political stew pot like Wendy. And he LOOKS like a crazy person. He really did have one leg painted pink and the other purple, NO shoes, and of course his typical silly getup...

Yes, that is a rubber chicken. And space goggles. Did I mention he is the ambassador of the planet of Zambodia and claims to be 333 years old?

But seriously, who dresses like this and is smart enough to keep himself out of legal trouble? Not just casually, I mean this guy knows the law. He understands where the general line is, in private or public, and even on television. He knows just how far to step over that line. He understands how to push the right buttons of people, to say just enough crazy things and just enough smart things to keep people wondering. Just go look him up, you'll see what I mean.

He was in the past smart enough to have many businesses, but due to his abhorrence for authority, the fact that he served minors in his clubs, and a general disregard for proper business practices, he has lost the ones in Memphis that were popular with young crowds.

So it makes me wonder, DOES he do all of this on purpose? I mean I always assumed that he was either bat shit crazy, or he really enjoys fucking with people, because he's rich and he can. BUT I WANT TO KNOW. I wish I could just sit with him for a while and hang out, talk to him, find out what motivates him to be who he is, away from the cameras. I'm just curious about people like that.

He has run for many offices, and lost. But he doesn't give up. (Whats with the heads?)

Its not like I want to be best buddies with this guy, I think being close to someone like him could be dangerous. But again I'm intrigued by instability. I went online to try and find a recently updated web page for him, but couldn't. Even his public myspace page was last updated over a year ago. Whatever he is doing, he's not putting it on the web. Now I did happen to run into the one thing I don't like about Mongo. Very few people outside of the places where he has homes (Memphis, Virginia, and Southern Florida) know who the hell he even is. So that of course leads to this:

It drives me crazy to see them making Memphis a joke. But it cant be helped when the law allows for a candidate to need only 25 signatures and $100 to be on the ballot. Mongo can more than afford that anyways. But I had to notice, he might have talked too long past the cut times for each answer, but Mongo was calm and sat quietly during other debaters comments. He didnt yell out at Mr Carpenter about city bonds, he didnt lose his cool when they laughed at him. And as he plays that part, he quickly sheds it to become at least something like the shrew businessman that probably made him millions. Since no one knows where Mongo's wealth really comes from, it makes it even more mysterious.

Want to see Mongo before all of the crazy clothes? I found this too.

Ive been sick as a dog this week, so I thought Id take some time off from housework and resting to say my part about current events. (I can't vote btw, my permanent address is in Tipton County) School starts back on the 31st so Ill be busy as all hell. Hope everyone is well!

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