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Thursday, July 7, 2011

OH how do I love thee?

(please wait patiently for the ad to be over)

Let me count the ways in which I have been spending my time since I posted last. I'm "done" with school, meaning I'm not going back to that god forsaken place again, and I am waiting to take my state exam after I come back from a nice vacation to Florida with my mother, brother, aunt and uncle, and my grandparents. (We are renting a condo on the beach!!!) I feel like I've deserved it after two straight years of school.

I have uploaded over 225 items for sale on my jewelry page, and have made several nice sales in the last few weeks. There are WAY too many pictures at this point to upload any of them here, you will simply have to go to my page and see them for yourself. If you do not keep up with me on Facebook, then you have been missing out on lots of other pictures and such. You should find me there, I am listed as Jennifer M. Russell. It seems like no one uses blogs in my little circle, so I am there more often than not rather than posting here. However, I am trying to make a concerted effort to keep posting here, despite the convenience of Facebook. I mean, the advertising there is so much easier and since I have focused, in my downtime, on the website sales my blog here has suffered.

Ok so let's see. Dad moved out of MS and moved up to Nashville to be close to my uncle Jim and aunt Wanda. My brother started Radiology school this year and started working at a new prison in FL as a guard. (I worry about him alot) Aaron and I are doing fine as usual, and is Yaya. Aaron's and Richard's boss has offered me a job working in the office doing bookkeeping and answering the phones, which I probably will take, at least until I can get certified and get a job in a pharmacy somewhere. I have also been watching BLEACH. Oh man, that's a great anime. (Hence the video at the beginning. It is the title somg for the second season. LOVE IT!!!) Besides all of that, not much changes around here. Well not right now anyways. As usual I'm up way too late on a day when I have to work. And YES I'm still at McAlister's. God I hate that place. I hope this other job comes through for me. I need a change.

Well, screw it I'm off to bed for now. Just wanted to come in and update a little. G'nite everyone! (noone reads this mess lol)

OH and PS:
YES I know the words to the song!!!
(well most of them anyways)
Ienai itami kanashimi de kizu tsuita kimi yo
Kesenai kako mo seoi atte ikou
ikiro koto wo nage dasanai de

lol  <3

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