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Friday, November 20, 2009

late night rambling

First of all, when I saw this I actually said out loud the only word I could think of at that moment


I mean, It ATE the crocodile.
haha, no just kidding, but they did kill the croc.

Nature really is amazing.
And really scary.

I had a short day at work, so I took the time to call the Tennessee Department of Environmental Conservation. I talked to a very nice lady named Karen Grubbs in the Education and Outreach Department. She seemed very happy to provide me with some information on publication in one of their news letters, and even chatted with me for some time. So that's something. We shall wait and see if she likes the paper.

By chance, I'm actually off tomorrow. My project for the day is to disassemble the inside of our refrigerator and clean it all. It's WAY overdue. I'm sure that I won't get up early though. Tonight I got into some of the vodka we bought, and I'm up WAY too late again, so my plan is to sleep in! haha

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